Membership Mission

The mission of MSCA is to promote quality in professional school counseling.  The organization of MSCA shall be guided by the strategic planning process.

The mission of MSCA shall be:                                                                  

A. To promote effective and relevant comprehensive guidance programs responsive to the academic, personal /social, and career development needs of Missouri youth by:

1.  Encouraging the development of creative guidance programs and activities;

2.  Maintaining and improving professional standards in the field of guidance;

3.  Providing opportunities for counselors to be aware of legislation, services and research that affect the youth of Missouri.

B. To promote guidance on the local, state, and national levels by:

1.  Uniting professional persons engaged in school guidance work in one organization;

2.  Disseminating information and focusing public attention on legislation in any way affecting the status of guidance work as a professional endeavor;

3.  Encouraging cooperation with other professional organizations that have similar aims and interests.